We Use Superhero Rap And Gamified Multi-Platform Learning
To Introduce Students To STEAM Concepts,
Combining STEM + Art + Maker + Entrepreneurship.
To Get Students College Prepared And Career Ready


At 12 Damola Idowu was a poet who loved writing love letters and dreamt of being a mechanical engineer after watching a show Knight Rider about an Autonomous vehicle with an AI named KITT. His company will be called Alomad and it will be one of the biggest in the world. At 15 his dream became true he had opportunities to take college classes at Duke or Syracuse during the summer and chose Syracuse where a year later at 16 he will enroll full time studying mechanical engineering and economics with his own technology company as a goal.

His son Wole Idowu will be inspired and will come up with his own inventions that were sustainable and accessible for billions of people in the world. He will present this idea at 15 on top business television network CNBC in a documentary with fabled Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel. 20 Under 20 transforming tomorrow was the title and he will choose to enroll at Carnegie Mellon University at 15 to pursue electrical and computer engineering and learn to build his world changing technology.


TOYZSTEAM is Carnegie Mellon Developed and MIT Validated



Our Afro-futuristic Metaverse in an integrated App empowers diverse and disadvantaged students to become the Superhero versions of themselves and get to select Universities like Carnegie Mellon and MIT or pathway to sustainable careers in creative, hardware, software, manufacturing, or entrepreneurship.


Students use Superhero rap for storytelling and creating STEAM superheroes
Students can’t be what they can’t see so they interact with real-life superheroes like our founders and then begin creating their own Superhero rap stories. Students  Brainstorm to describe the student’s identity. They Draw a sketch of the superhero. They Write a story of the superhero based on filling a learning sheet. They Showcase of the superhero sketch and story. They Create their Avatar And Tell their Superhero Backstory.


Almost 3000 students impacted since 2014

Meet Timothy

Timothy is an African-American student who has been in our program since he was 10 years old. He came with a group of parents and students to CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center.  Because of the Toyz Electronics program, he has a passion for STEM and he will take Calculus in High School before he graduates. He enrolled at Carnegie Mellon this Fall. 


Elementary School

Workshop with BNY Mellon, Girl Scouts, Red Chair Pittsburgh, Women in TechnologyStudents learn how to express themselves and communicate their ideas. They get exposed to potential careers in STEAM industries. They get inspired to learn and are engaged.

Middle School

News coverage of our Workshop. Middle School students begin to ideate and create. They begin to apply themselves with fundamental building blocks for future careers in STEAM.

High School

High School Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship.Students are trained on utilizing creativity tools in an application development environment. They learn hands on and get exposed to a variety of skills in several industries. 


College Student Training via a Hackathon at Carnegie Mellon UniversityWe use Project Based Learning to train Students on industry standard tools. Our training provides pathways for proficiency and certification.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training via collaborative storytelling

Super Hero Rap is based on Idealism, which is the student’s ideal world and vision of their best self. The villain is their obstacles. Their superpowers are based on using STEM concepts to overcome their obstacles. An example of Superhero Rap is an anti-bullying song co-founder Damola created with a multi-racial cast of students at the music department at CMU called Stop The Bullying… The song details our unique differences but our shared humanity and that by appreciation we can all live in a better world. 


Workforce Training For Diverse Adults to gain entry to the Tech Jobs


“Using its Social-Impact Investment Program, the Richard King Mellon Foundation invests in for-profit companies looking to accomplish a public good that aligns with its Strategic Plan. “

“Damola recognizes representation and access to cutting-edge technology as one of the biggest challenges to diversifying industries. Virtual reality equipment, for example, can be expensive and inaccessible. And, even if the technology is made accessible, there’s no guarantee that representative training is available.”

“The group is putting learning into overdrive at the Washington Auto Show”


You have a lot of territory covered with all of this. And I’m actually glad to see METALS involved in terms of evaluating, to see are you accomplishing your learning objectives. So, some of that entertainment you picked up from some of our ETC students in the past, now you’re broadening that. So, I just look forward to seeing where all this work leads.

Mike Christel
Teaching Professor, Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

A lot of the conversations that we’ve had with Damola and Wole and Dr. Victoria Mattingly have to do with their democratization of access to technology and creating. Because in the nonprofit sector, we know that as we’re meeting today’s needs, we also have to be thinking about job creation for tomorrow. So, creating an equitable environment for that is extremely important

Emily Francis
Program Manager At Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership

These kinds of tools and ideas and innovations most important thing is to spread the word. Get people aware of it. Be able to see the practicality and the possibilities presented. draw those people who are going to be the early adopters the people who really want to get engaged in it and spend the time with it upfront to to build the early successes, and then it grows from there.

Stuart Blacklaw
Provost And Executive Vice President At The Community College Of Allegheny County



Superhero Community Team Up: Howard and Carnegie Mellon

From our I-Corps Research, a collaboration was created between Carnegie Mellon University and Howard University to democratize creative technology education for Historical Black Colleges and Universities. This is a model for other such collaborations. Unity Technologies is supporting the effort. 


Via New Sun Rising #TOYZSTEAM Dah-Varsity Scholars is a fiscally sponsored program focused on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) creator industry.


We Teach Diverse Students to be STEAM Entrepreneurs.
They Learn Today And Earn Tomorrow On Our TOYZSTORE And Learn To Be TOYZMAKERS

At 15 Co-founder Wole Idowu was on the CNBC Documentary 20 Under 20 Transforming Tomorrow with Fabled Silicon Valley Investor Peter Thiel. He was presenting his idea for self powered smart glasses called the Soul Aurum. He was inspired by the work of his father and co-founder Damola Idowu and his covering of Hip-Hop and Entrepreneurship and Technology.


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This is a project-based learning course for students interested in training with TOYZSTEAM. This class is based on both a book about 50 Cent and his $14 billion in economic impact and a music album created during an interdisciplinary hackathon in partnership with Toyz Electronics, CEO Damola Idowu and the music department. The class features a recording project based on the #Hackharrasment Stop The Bullying PSA song. Students will work in groups to create a superhero podcast based on Da Great Deity Dah and their own characters they will create.



This is not an ordinary music course. It was developed on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. The class is based on a music album created during an interdisciplinary hackathon in partnership with Toyz Electronics, CEO Damola Idowu and the music department. The weekend was sponsored by Intel. Toyz Electronics CTO Wole Idowu was selected by Intel as one of four students at prestigious universities nationwide to represent Carnegie Mellon as its #HackHarassment ambassador.

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