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The World of Music and Technology (Copy 2)
Introduction to the Music Creation and Technology Class. This class will teach students about the concept of music culture impacting technology and how music can have a positive influence on society. Students learn about how the project came together and the people who worked on the project.
This topic is based on the song Stop The Bullying. Students are thought how the song was created and get a chance to recreate the song. The instrumental is supplied so students can interpolate the original music or create their own versions. Students also will be able to use skills learned from the creative writing course and record their own comic book story or their own lyrics or poems using the supplied instrumentals
These lessons teach students how to write music to be used in a corporate or advertising setting. The IFA press conference videos are shown to students to illustrate how a literal interpretation of client text is done versus a figurative interpretation. Both videos emphasize a different approach. They are also shown how music skills can lead to other careers outside of live performing. They learn how music is used in things like video games and how they can work in radio and podcasting.
This lesson is a celebration and presentation of the final products the students created.
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This lesson explores how music can be used in alternative settings than just sound recordings. Students learn about how to create music for clients. The example used is how music from the Chronicles of The Electromagnetic Field General. The Carnegie Mellon Sessions was used to create 2 different songs for the IFA conference in 2017. One video is a figurative song that matches the spirit of what is communicated in the video. The second video shows a literal composition that matches the text of the video. Both of these songs were played with the video at the opening press conferences. The IFA is one of the largest consumer electronic conferences in the World. It is the largest in Europe with over a quarter-million attendees. We also show how we used hip-hop production methods to add more texture and be creative in adding more informative details to the composition. The songs used were TV Screens and Magazines in the first video and Empty State in the second promo video. Students learn how to create their own commercials for their own mock products using music they created. Da Great Deity Dah wrote the promos based on the text provided about the opening press conference. Students can also be provided a technical press release from a local company and write their own commercials based on music created in the class. 


Here is DJ Eskimo and Da Great Deity Dah working on the Music for the figurative promo video. 

Here is a video of DJ Eskimo adding the Keyboard sounds from the Carnegie Mellon Sessions song TV screens and Magazines

DJ Eskimo is scratching vocals by Da Great Deity Dah using a CDJ for the second video


Here is a video of the finished product of the second video. 

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