We Empower STEAM Superheroes to be Entrepreneurs

They Learn Today and Earn Tomorrow on our TOYZSTORE

At 15 Co-founder Wole Idowu was on the CNBC Documentary 20 Under 20 Transforming Tomorrow with Fabled Silicon Valley Investor Peter Thiel.

He was presenting his idea for self powered smart glasses called the Soul Aurum.

He was inspired by the work of his father and co-founder Damola Idowu and his covering of Hip-Hop and Entrepreneurship and Technology.    

If Wole can make it to CNBC and Silicon Valley at 15 why can’t any other Student?


We empower Students like how Damola empowered Wole

Students learn to rapid prototype the glasses using the Dah-Varsity app

Co-founder Damola Idowu gives lectures at the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University on his over 20 years of covering hip-hop and entrepreneurship.
These lectures form our curriculum and provide culturally relevant lessons in a wide range of industries.
We have courses and interactive missions in the game.
We have our entrepreneurship textbook based on over 20 years covering 50 cent and his over $14 billion in economic impact.
We also cover Superhero designers, creators, and innovators. 

Superhero Designers


Students design their superhero Avatar using App

Students make their 3D Models and customize them

Students sell on our Toyzstore and learn to be TOYZMAKERS

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