Workshop with BNY Mellon, Girl Scouts, Red Chair Pittsburgh, Women in Technology
Students learn how to express themselves and communicate their ideas. They get exposed to potential careers in STEAM industries. They get inspired to learn and are engaged. 


News coverage of our Workshop. 

Middle School students begin to ideate and create. They begin to apply themselves with fundamental building blocks for future careers in STEAM. 


High School Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship.
Students are trained on utilizing creativity tools in an application development environment. They learn hands on and get exposed to a variety of skills in several industries. 


College Student Training via a Hackathon at Carnegie Mellon University
We use Project Based Learning to train Students on industry standard tools. Our training provides pathways for proficiency and certification. 

You can contact us for more information at toyznation@live.com or visit www.toyzelectronics.com/events

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